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What is Dharma?

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Sanatan means Eternal & Dharma means an art of living.

Who is Sanatan? - All Jiva Tattvaas are considered as Sanatan/Eternal being, which are from Sri Brahmaji to all his creation who got a life, animals, birds, fishm humans & so every religion are directly or indirectly considered as Sanatan Dharma

What is Dharma? - Dharma of birds is to fly, dharma of river is to flow, dharma of fish is to swim, dharma of sun is to spread light, dharma of humans is to love God.

Sometimes the river water turns to ice which is called as temperory change in his real nature/Dharma but after few days it comes back to its original nature which is his real dharma.
Sameway forming of different religions are considered as a Temporary change in our society & the original dharma is Being sanata/eternal so like the water comes to its original state & so does every eternal being would come to its original state.

What is the Goal of following Dharma?
Goal of the River is to meet the ocean, Goal of human/soul is to meet the super Soul.

Reference/Proof of different religion/community mentioned in Vedic text based on Sanatan teachings.

Bhavisha puran got prophencies of Islam
Shrimad Bhagwatam got Prophencies of Buddhism & Jainism (Lord Rishbdev & the King named ARHANT)
Manu Scripts Got reference of Christianity.

These scripts are not written after the event took place but many years before the event took place.

Every acharya/saintly man who changed the way of living depending on the time & situation is called religion, who did it for their community but not for every individual of this planet, such community thinks of just their self but not others.

Who is God? -
The one who thinks about many universes and not just the community,
The 1 who is present in everybody
The one who sees everybody as the atma.
So if anybody wants to hear the Gods words listen to bhagwat vani, sri Bhagawan Uvacha, bhagwan/god, Uvacha/words. Like we read in Gita, bhagwatam, purans etc. The words which gives the knowledge of The God. The one which remains for just few kal (time) is called religion but the one which stays forever is bhagwat vani- the gods words which is Sanatan/eternal truth. He says this is aham wani means the words of every individual on this planetsl this is my language aham. This is not diffrent for animals, birds, humans, it is our vani, language in everybody is given by King Ishkwaku & he received from The Sun God vivashwan, Lord Rama Incarnated in Suryanshi dynaasty whose root was King Ishwaaku & this knowledge extent for millions of years after Tretayuga & just 5114 years back in Dwaparyuga the same words are said by God Krishna to Arjuna in the Battle Feild.

- Jai shri Krishna
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